Curriculum Vitae Peter Desain

After obtaining a Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics (Theoretical Computer Science) of the University Twente, Enschede, and a Masters Degree (Cum Laude) in Psychology (Cognitive Sciences) of the University of Nijmegen, Peter Desain worked on Artificial Natural Language Generation at the University of Nijmegen. When the Utrecht school of Arts initiated a Music Technology Program, he was asked to organize and set up the courses on software engineering. After this program became a successful part of the Conservatory, he designed the curriculum for an M.Sc. in Knowledge Engineering at the Center for Knowledge Technology in Utrecht (with a UK degree validation) and was responsible for the AI-programming courses there. At the City University in London he conducted research on temporal perception. His work there lead to a Ph.D. in Music.

Besides a close and fruitful collaboration with Dr. H. Honing (University of Amsterdam), he made frequent research visits to US and Asia to exchange ideas with a diverse international group of researchers from various disciplines. Building bridges between various fields has always been one of his main sources of motivation. His research has been published extensively in journals on Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology, AI, and Music. After publishing a book with Henkjan Honing, which bundled most of their work on music, he now works on a systematic text book on computational modeling and programming style.

As a Research Fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) at the Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information (NICI) of Nijmegen University he investigates rhythm perception and supervises several students' thesis projects. In 1995/1996 he was invited by IBM to conduct his research for a year at the Computer Music Center of the T.J. Watson Center in New York.


Peter Desain
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