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Research areas covered by the BrainGain project

The BrainGain program consists of several subprojects, in which different partners collaborate. Each project focuses on a specific research area and includes several workpackages.

Control and communication for patients by BCI
In this project, Brain-Computer Interface solutions are investigated for patient groups with severe disabilities to interact with their surroundings. Applications include controlling devices such as wheelchairs, ambient controls and language interfaces, but also direct muscle stimulation.

BCI applications for healthy users
Applications for healthy users include entertainment, such as computer games, but also systems that support users in situations of information overload. Detecting from brain measurement what someone is seeing or experiencing is useful in many settings, such as when monitoring visual attention or evaluating an interface.

The power of intracranial EEG for BCI
By measuring brain activity directly from the cortex, instead of from the scalp, has many advantages in developing applications that eventually will not need surgical intervention. Increased measurement resolution allows for more precise use of our knowledge of the brain in the applications that are being developed.

Modulation of abnormal brain activity by neurostimulation
Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) has shown promise of a new treatment method for several illnesses. For instance, in Parkinson Disease, tremor can sometimes be completely suppressed when applying DBS. These methods are being researched and further developed in this project.

Self-modification of brain activity by feedback and training
In this project, neurofeedback techniques are being investigated with both EEG and fMRI techniques. A number of spectacular results have been reported for treatment of ADD in children, which are being evaluated in this project. Subclinical problems such as concentration difficulties are also addressed.