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November 3-4 2010

During two days in november we have had our annual consortium meeting which this time included our MidTerm Review meeting. We presented our results to four sharp and analytical reviewers who were able to quickly pinpoint to the strengths and weaknesses of our work. Fortunately, they did not find too many weaknesses and rated or project as good to excellent.


 Panel discussion in the Networking Session


September 27-29 2010

BrainGain presented itself in at the booth of the "BNCI village" organized by the future BNCI project through posters and demo's from the Radboud University Nijmegen and the University of Twente. Booth visitors were very enthusiastic about our project and demo's. In the networking session on the final day Peter Desain was invited in a panel discussion on European BNCI projects. Panel members were the other principal investigators of BNCI consortia.


 Demo of the Radboud University Nijmegen Demo of the University of Twente Panel discussion in the Networking Session


September 13-16 2010

Some BrainGain members attended the workshop of the future BNCI project to discuss how a a roadmap (to be send to the European Union) on Brain-Computer Interfacing should look like and what it should contain.  All European BCI projects were represented there and one partner of BrainGain (University of Twente) organized a workshop on "application interfaces and environments".

fBNCI conference participants


September 1st 2010

On September 24th, a public Researcher's Night will be held in Lux in Nijmegen, featuring discussions, debate and demos presented by BrainGain researchers. For more info see the website. Be aware that tickets are running out fast!

August 1st 2010

Our next consortium meeting is coming up in November again, this time we will have an internal meeting focusing on our mid-term evaluation. The project is halfway!

June 15th 2010

At the BCI Meeting in Monterey, where BrainGain researchers had a strong presence, Rutger Vlek from the Donders Centre for Cognition received an award for his work! The award was for the most innovative BCI design. All the prize winners posed for a nice picture:

picture of the winners!

February 1st 2010

George Dimitriadis, one of our BrainGain researchers, has started a blog on Brain Computer Interfaces. If you're interested, you can read it here.

December 15th 2009

Long overdue, but here are the links of BrainGain researchers' tv appearance last summer:
Peter Desain at Noorderlicht:
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Danny Plass Oude Bos at Noorderlicht:
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Dick Stegeman at Hoe? Zo!
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November 20th 2009

The consortium meeting was a success! Multiple demos are shown on videos on BrainGain's Youtube channel:

October 1st 2009

Our yearly consortium meeting is coming up on November 12/13, for more information and announcement of the public activities, see the 'Events'-section.

August 31st 2009

Three different BrainGain groups were featured on tv this summer. Videos will be posted when available!

July 3rd 2009

The Dutch TV program Een Vandaag featured BrainGain researchers in their work on mindfulness:

Jun 15th 2009

On June 12th, Peter Desain gave his inaugural speech and the Donders DCC BCI group held an open lab event. Pictures of the day, and a video of the speech can be found here.

December20th 2008

Health Valley made a short promotional video about the project and connections between science and industry in BCI research, shown here:

June 30th 2008

Local webcasters www.fiftytwodegrees.tv did a short item on BrainGain in their May edition, shown here:

March 20th 2008

The recent Science Café event was a big succes, a lot of people showed up, Christian Hesse from FCDC gave a nice demo and several BrainGain collaborators participated in the discussion. For program and pictures click here.

March 1st 2008

In January, we made an appearance on Dutch television, in the popular scientific program 'Nieuwslicht', broadcasted by VARA (for more on their program click here), who kindly gave us permission to post it online:

Dec 1st 2007

We have just had our consortium kick-off event, where all the partners came together to get the project rolling. Health Valley organized a parallel event for companies interested in the consortiums research, that was well attended, they will continue to do so for the length of the project. The key note address by Jeremy Hill from Tuebingen was a thought-provoking and interesting lecture from a lab where Brain-Computer Interface research is in very concrete stages.

Sept 1st 2007

Our project has officially started!

April 2nd 2007

WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE OUR APPLICATION FOR SMARTMIX FUNDING WAS SUCCESSFUL!!! The announcements by Smartmix and NWO can be found here and here.

March 21st 2007

Another article about the consortium was printed in a regional Dutch newspaper. To read, click here.

Feb 15th 2007

An article was published in the Dutch magazine Elsevier, this time about the benefits and possibilities of deep brain stimulation. To read, click here.

Jan 24th 2007

More media attention for the direct connection between the brain and a computer. In the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, an article was published by Peter Desain on the possibilities of treating illness without pharmaceuticals. To read, click here. Also, in the free newspaper 'De Pers', an article was published on the possibilities of treating behavioral disorders with neurostimulation, article available here.

Nov 11th 2006

An article was published in 'Het Financieele Dagblad' about the consortiums research, in Dutch. To read, click here.

Sept 28th 2006

Out of 155 applications, 16 consortia have been selected to proceed to the next application round. The BrainGain consortium is one of them! Yes! 

Sept 1st 2006

The BrainGain consortium applies for funding in the Smart Mix programme (website). Smart Mix is a subsidy programme which supports innovators who work together. It encourages economic, civil-societal and cultural innovation that will enable the Netherlands to excel both nationally and internationally.

The BrainGain proposal aims at developing a coherent new technology for Brain-Computer and Computer-Brain-interfaces and at the design and evaluation of a set of products and therapies based on this new method.

Our consortium consists of the most eminent scientists and academic research groups, key industrial partners (both very large, and of moderate or small size), medical centers, thorough innovation management, transfer expertise (TNO), and users and patient groups to help define the demands and requirements and to evaluate the results. Partners will contribute their core expertise and enthousiasm to a network of horizontal (e.g. between projects that compare invasive and non-invasive methods) and vertical (e.g. between an academic partner and a company) connections.