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What is BCI?
BCI in the News
The links below give a more elaborate description of Brain-Computer Interfaces:

Wikipedia (English, also links for groups and more newsarticles)
medicalfacts.nl (Nederlands/Dutch)
BCI Portal Graz
WTEC report on BCI research in North America

The links below lead to a number of other research groups across the world who focus on BCI research, it is not an exhaustive list. Another resource (for explanation and other groups) can be found on Bruce Kasanoff's page, which is likely to be updated more often.

Berlin Brain-Computer Interface, Germany
Graz Brain-Computer Interface, Austria
Tuebingen Brain-Computer Interface, Germany
Helsinki Brain-Computer Interface, Finland
NicolelisLab, Duke, USA
Donoghue Lab, Brown, USA
Neural Engineering at Florida, USA
Colorado State University EEG classification, USA
EPFL Brain-Computer Interface (Lausanne), Switzerland
Caltech Andersen Lab, neuroprosthetics, USA
Motorlab U. Pittsburg USA
Pattern Analysis & Machine Learning Group, Oxford, UK
Alternate Interface Lab at Rochester, USA
Neural Systems Group at University of Washington, USA
Computer Vision Lab Geneva, Switzerland
NIH Neural Prostethis Program, USA
Microsoft VIBE Group, USA